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Как отключить обновления iOS на iPhone и iPad (без джейлбрейка)

A lot of people accidentally end up updating to newer firmware versions through automatic updates. Here’s a quick tutorial to disable these updates using tvOS 11 beta profile.

If you are into jailbreaking, then the tvOS beta profile is of immense importance.

As you already know, jailbreak tools can only support a few firmware versions and don’t work especially on the latest versions like 11.2.1.


It tricks Apple’s servers into thinking that your iOS device is an Apple TV. Therefore, your device is not able to fetch OTA updates.

Once you install it, your device will stay on your current version only. When you go into the Settings section, it will still display your current version as the latest version, even though we know that’s not the case.

Here’s how you can install this software configuration profile using the direct download link.

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Internet connection

Step 1 Download the .mobileconfig file using the link above with Safari web browser.

Step 2 Your device will now prompt you to install it. Press the Install button.


Step 3 Enter your passcode as shown below to continue with the process.


Step 4 Ignore the Consent and press Install button.


Step 5 Press Install button again.


Step 6 It will now ask you to restart your device. Press the Restart button to ensure the it installs properly.


Step 7 Once you reboot your device, go to Settings > General > Software Update and check the status of the firmware update. If it says your software is up to date, you are good to go.


That’s it! Your device will now stay protected from any future OTA update.

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